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Weingut Toni Jost

Oberstraße 14, 55422 Bacharach

The "Hahnenhof", as Peter Jost's winery at Oberstraße 14 is also called, is considered a pioneer in the cultivation of high-quality wines on the Middle Rhine.

Winemaker Peter Jost was instrumental in the development of the Steillagen Mechanisierungs System (SMS) and introduced artificial irrigation. The winery is a member of the VDP-Rheingau and VDP-Mittelrhein. The top vineyard "Bacharacher Hahn" is solely owned by the company. In the vineyards, work is carried out according to ecological principles with targeted humus management, promotion of beneficial insects and renunciation of insecticides. It is important to limit yields, which average only 55 hectolitres of wine per hectare.

Weingut Toni Jost

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55422 Bacharach Oberstraße 14
Weingut Toni Jost
Oberstraße 14
55422 Bacharach

Phone: (0049) 6743 1216
E-mail: weingut@tonijost.de
Web: https://www.tonijost.de

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