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Oberstraße 10, 55422 Bacharach

A mosaic stone of the literary cityscape, wonderfully integrated into the Poetic City Wall Circuit, the Victor Hugo Window can be found on the ruins of the Sun Tower.

Hugo, who, according to his own account, spent three days in Bacharach on his second Rhine journey from 29.08. to 01.11.1840 and repeated this in 1860, wrote with the greatest empathy about the country and its people at the height of the Franco-German Rhine crisis. With this, we would like to remember Victor Hugo as a great man of letters and especially as a European, whose plot was characterised by a reflection on the circumstances. For Victor Hugo, Bacharach was "the most beautiful and mysterious town in the world," according to his own account, he spent three days here, "in a kind of wonderland of the Rhine.


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