Rheingoldstraße 162, 55413 Oberdiebach

The municipality of Oberdiebach reactivated a historic fire wine chamber in Rheingoldstraße on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the village. A festive fire wine tasting was celebrated and an archive with literature about the fire wine was founded.

Fire wine is a type of "wine refinement" brought to the Rhine by the Romans. It was particularly widespread in the "Viertälergebiet" around Bacharach and in Kaub. In this process, Federweisser was heated to trigger a faster fermentation process and produce a heavier and sweeter wine. With the refined wine a better price could be achieved. At the end of the 15th century, there was a fire wine boom in the Middle Rhine region. The last fire wine was prepared in Oberdiebach in 1824. The chamber is currently not accessible.   


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55413 Oberdiebach Rheingoldstraße 162
Rheingoldstraße 162
55413 Oberdiebach

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