Oberheimbacher Bürgerpark

Dorfgemeinschaftshaus, 55413 Oberheimbach

On an area of 1.5 hectares in the far west of the Oberheimbach district, below the transformer station and the meadows at Hirtenborn, a near-natural citizens' park has been created since 2016.

The Oberheimbach refuge is equipped with annual trees, a wetland biotope, a rock pile for reptiles and a shelter. The district forester's initiative is supported by the local clubs, hunting leaseholders, the kindergarten and the association municipality.

Oberheimbacher Bürgerpark

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55413 Oberheimbach Dorfgemeinschaftshaus
Ortsgemeinde Oberheimbach
55413 Oberheimbach

Phone: (0049) 6743 6223
E-mail: gemeinde@oberheimbach.de

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