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Münzstraße, 55422 Bacharach

The Münzturm owes its name to the Palatine mint on Oberstraße in the immediate vicinity.

Swedish troops invaded the town through the entrance gate of the Mint Tower, a 14th century gate tower, during the Thirty Years' War from 1618 to 1648. The Mint Tower is located at the intersection of Auf der Münze and Langstraße. The slightly protruding upper floor of the tower is emphasized by a round-arched frieze. Beneath it, ogival blinds adorn the two side walls and the wall facing the Rhine. Next to the Mint Tower, a staircase leads up to the accessible city wall. Due to severe damage to the masonry it was renovated in 2000. The "Weinzunft Bacchus Zechgesellschaft zu Bacharach und Steeg von 1328 e.V." is preserving the Münzturm and uses it as a guild tower, archive and meeting room. Since 1960, the association has been involved in the cultivation of wine culture with cultural events, among other things. The name "Zechgesellschaft" has nothing to do with the current meaning of the word - carousing or drinking. The word "Zeche", which comes from the Slavic language, rather stood for the union of several people to a guild, guild or cooperative. The highlight of the year is the Johannis wine tasting in June, when new members are admitted.


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55422 Bacharach Münzstraße
55422 Bacharach

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