Brücke 2 | © Simone Bohr, RNT

Klein Venedig

Oberstraße 10, 55422 Bacharach

No, you won't find a second Rialto Bridge here, but perhaps the most modest little bridge in the world.

It had no name and so the "vernacular" gave it one. The entrance from both sides is inconspicuous, as if it didn't want to be found. But when they do, they walk eight steps through the narrowest Gäsje of Bacharach, stand on the little bridge and look at the Münzbach, which flows between the houses here, and imagine themselves in a completely different century. Finding the entrances is like a search game. This much is revealed: the Gäsje connects the Rosenstraße of the former Jewish quarter with the market square.

Brücke 2 | © Simone Bohr, RNT
Brücke 1 | © Simone Bohr, RNT

Klein Venedig

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55422 Bacharach Oberstraße 10
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Oberstraße 10
55422 Bacharach

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