Jüdischer Friedhof

Dorfgemeinschaftshaus, 55413 Oberheimbach

Southwest of the village of Oberheimbach there is a Jewish cemetery on an area of 2048 square meters.

It was established in the 18th century in the fields "In der Geisenheck" and "Am Heiligkreuz". The gate of the cemetery and parts of the enclosure have been preserved. There are more than 60 gravestones, three of which are from the 18th century, the rest are from the 19th century until 1944. Since the French rule in 1794, the Jews of Bacharach were also buried in the cemetery in Oberheimbach. Before that, the Jewish population of Bacharach formed a burial brotherhood with Kaub and therefore also used the Jewish cemetery in Kaub. In Oberheimbach a small Jewish community was established in the 18th century, which grew to 30 members by 1895. Religious facilities included a synagogue, a religious school, possibly a mikvah and the cemetery. When the Jewish community became too small around 1920, the remaining Jews joined the community in Bacharach. Signs of the Heimatfreunde in Oberheimbach provide information about the Jewish cemetery and the access road from the Kreuzkapelle.

Jüdischer Friedhof

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