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Haus Binz ( Gerberhäuser)

Koblenzer Straße 1, 55422 Bacharach

The tanner houses from 1756 are located at Oberstraße 63 and Koblenzer Straße 1.

They show the elongated dormers typical of tanneries, which were used to aerate the skins suspended in the drying floors. In Bacharach, tanners had settled at the northern end of the village from the late 17th century onwards. Here the Münzbach from the Steeger Valley brought sufficient water. The houses are inhabited and some are used commercially.

Haus Binz ( Gerberhäuser)

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55422 Bacharach Koblenzer Straße 1
Haus Binz ( Gerberhäuser)
Koblenzer Straße 1
55422 Bacharach

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