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Evangelische Kirche St. Oswald

Kirche, 55413 Manubach

The peculiarity of the late Romanesque church, built around the year 1230, is the late Gothic pews. These include the wooden dominion seat from 1493 under the south gallery and the cheeks of the pews with carvings of tendrils, ribbons and coats of arms.

This craftsmanship comes from the famous carver Erhard Falckener of Abensberg in Bavaria, who lived in Gau Odernheim at the beginning of the 16th century and created the pews in the nearby area and in Kiedrich in the Rheingau. The patron saint of the church is the seventh century Anglo-Saxon king Oswald of Northumbria, who was venerated as a saint and martyr. The parish of Manubach became Protestant in the 16th century along with all the other parishes of the Fourth Valleys area. "Vierthäler" is the old name of the four valley communities or parishes that belonged to the Stahleck Castle owned by the Archbishops of Cologne. Besides Bacharach, Steeg, Diebach (Rhein- und Oberdiebach) and Manubach belonged to the Viertäler communities.

Evangelische Kirche St. Oswald

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55413 Manubach Kirche
Ev. Kirche St. Oswald
55413 Manubach

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