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Burgruine Stahlberg

Burg Stahlberg, 55422 Bacharach-Steeg

The freely accessible site is accessible via the Stahlberg-Schleife - a hiking trail from Bacharach via Stahlberg Castle and back - and the RheinBurgenWeg.

The two bergfrieds lying opposite each other are a special feature of this castle complex in Bacharach-Steeg. The upper and lower parts of the castle were respectively secured by a bergfried, and the two towers are still today a dominant feature of the ruin. Stahlberg Caste was founded shortly before 1155 by the Archbishopric of Cologne, but later came into the ownership of the count palatines of Wittelsbach from 1243. Stahleck Castle and Stahlberg Castle formed the backbone of the southern defence line of the “Bacharach Empire”.
The untouched grounds of the ruins and unchanged mediaeval to early modern remains exercise a special fascination on all those who cast their eyes on them.

Ruine Stahlberg | © Sabine Pilger, RNT
Burg Stahlberg | © Jens Niemeyer/Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH
Burg Stahlberg im Herbst | © Jens Niemeyer/Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

Burgruine Stahlberg

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55422 Bacharach-Steeg Burg Stahlberg
Burg Stahlberg
Burg Stahlberg
55422 Bacharach-Steeg

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